I am posting this to support a friend of mine’s medical industry.

His company specializes in medical device marketing.

We all know the importance this has for the lives of many.

Medical Device Marketing

I am posting this to support a friend of mine’s medical industry.

His company specializes in medical device marketing.

We all know the importance this has for the lives of many.

Medical Device Marketing

  1. Set intention for Post or choose idea from pre-scripted outline
  2. Keyword Research – must have 5000 min. “EXACT Match” monthly searches
  3. Catchy/Mysterious Title using Keyword – (ex. How to/Numbered list XYZ)
  4. Copy Blog Template/Signature/Skeleton – your standard blueprint for all blogs
  5. insert relevant image with keyword meta & set as featured image
  6. insert video from Youtube + Vimeo - Video Routine w/ keyword in vid
  7. Write a Spectacular Post worth Money in and of itself
  8. SEO – keywords evenly SPREAD and in bold, italics, underline & “quotations”, H1 H2 H3 and tags, first & last sentence
  9. Modify Call to Action to BRIDGE from current topic to $monetize$ funnel-
    (note to self: my bridge = remember this and more with Q.C.)
  10. Proofread
  11. Link to main blog from micro picture blogs – blogger/wordpress/EN/personal
  12. Social Media Routine – Link to main blog from ALL social media sites
  13. put ALL links, (S.M. and micro blogs), through Empire Avenue
  14. put ALL links through Add Me Fast
  15. put ALL links through Tribe Pro + Onlywire
  16. put ALL links through Buffer & Hootsuite
  17. put ALL links into a fiverr gig / outsource via elance/odesk
  18. put main blog & EA missions into Aweber Routine email broadcast
  19. share blog the regular way – send to all fb groups, pages, and hit all buttons


Now that I have created this simple, Henry Ford assembly line style routine from everything I know, I will remember all 18 of these with ONE read through using quantum consciousness – allowing me to know exactly what to do without even looking at this list, in the most efficient and proper order possible, every time – and over time, turn this in to an efficient habit that only takes me ONE or TWO HOURS a day!

What do you think of my Perfect Blog Routine?

Take a bicycle up the hill and feel the exhilaration of going back DOWNHILL.

The only feeling that comes close is a roller coaster.

Wind in your face. . .


take a moment and imagine you feel that exact feeling right now.

THAT feeling alone is worth more than any length of words I can write here.

Enjoy :)

Soon to come,

I will be in a new home sweet home.

Quantum Consciousness BETA will be released,

to TWELVE beta testers for FREE.

The stipulation is you have to sign an NDA agreement

AND you have to promise to submit a testimonial

or pay a one time payment of $500.

(Get a damn camera and save the $5o0 bucks YO!) ;)


I love life, and soon – if you don’t already – you will too soon.

VERY soon I will show you how ANYONE can take 100% control

of their mind body and soul

and blog and make a video for 100 days in a row.


I will be the guinea pig of proof.

Until then

I love ya, and I want you to dream big,

because SOON – success will be unstoppable for you.

It will be IMPOSSIBLE to fail ;)


You will only ever see in something what you choose to see.

Change how you look at things, and the things you look at change.


College charges anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000 for a degree, and people usually pay interest on those amounts, not to mention books and room, board fraternity etc. AND if you refer people to go to that college, you do not ever get a penny commission.

Furthermore, the information taught teaches you how to make an hourly wage working for a corporation, and you will be lucky to retire by the age of 65.

Empower Network costs just over $25 a month instead of $3000~$5000 a semester, and the information at that level is still BETTER than what is taught at college, and you learn it on your own time.

Then there is the Inner Circle, Masters Course and 15K formula, and altogether those cost $5000 – to go all in, which is STILL less than the average 1 semester at a cheap college, AND you learn how millionaires make their own money as entrepreneurs and retire whenever they want. ADDITIONALLY, you make 100% commissions if you choose to become an affiliate and resell that education.

No money is ever made anywhere in the history of mankind unless a sale is made, so EVERYTHING is sales. You can choose to be a tool and sell yourself as a sprocket or cog in the wheels of a corporation, and pay 10 to 40 times as much for an education on how to do that ”well”, OR you can pay $25 for better information that isn’t taught in college and go into business for yourself… selling ANYTHING, not just empower network. . .

Empower teaches everything anyone could ever ask about how to make money online doing anything.

People should not join empower to make money. They should make money to join empower, and invest in you education to allow yourself to make MORE money in empower OR anything else you choose – selling coffee, soap, vitamins, gadgets, or your own products!

I know this to be true.

This truth WILL set you free. . .

AND if you join today, (and from now and until before June 21st)

I will throw in QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS BETA for free.

This program will allow you to remember EVERYTHING you learn with no confusion, no clutter, NO REPETITION, easily and effortlessly, utilizing 100% of your brain.

It is an almost alien technology that has been kept from the masses,

and the never before released BETA version is yours free

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Furthermore, I will be giving away ONE piece of my priceless artwork to the first person to go ALL IN at the $1500 level.

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Tyler Vondurden VendettaShouse

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